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Raspberry Pi Zero W Projects

Uncountable Pleasure From Raspberry Pi Zero W Projects

Raspberry Pi Zero W Projects – According wikipedia the Raspberry Pi Zero W model launched at 28 February 2017. The dimensiions of this mini computer is 65 X 30 X 5 mm and it’s weight is only 9 g. I am not sure the letter “W” added to this model derived from the word “wireless” or not. However I feel strong connections between “W” and “wireless” because the main enhancement of the Raspberry Pi Zero W model is it’s wireless capability. Unlike the former Pi Zero, the W one equipped by advanced wireless weapon called Wi FI or wireless LAN (802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN) and bluetooth (using 4.1 serie) instruments.

Beside those two wireless weapon the Raspberry Pi Zero W has special specifications such as:

  1. Built in camera port or CSI camera connector
  2. Bluetooth low energy
  3. 1 GHz BC M2835 single core processor
  4. 512 Mb Random Acces Memory
  5. USB on the go ports
  6. Mini HDMI
  7. Micro USB power
  8. HAT pin header
  9. Composite video and reset headers.
  10. Micro SD card slot

Though the price of the Raspberry Pi Zero W US $5 higher than Raspberry Pi Zero, its not just because the additional wireless property. The newer model speed is for times faster than the former one. This capabilties are made to adapted to the advanced internet development.

Since this mini CPU developed to challenge the internet development, the Raspberry Pi Zero W projects better has connections to the internet. Below are several projects found with Raspberry Pi Zero W.

  1. Wireless Spy Cam. it’s like CCTV but more flexible and easier to move. To make this project you should have PIR motion sensor, camera, and battery.
  2. Adventure tracker. This instrument will record and tracking your journey both in land and above the water.

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