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Raspberry Pi Zero Projects

The Coolest Raspberry Pi Zero Projects

The Coolest Raspberry Pi Zero Projects – Almost  a decade after  Eben Upton and his friends started the Raspberry Pi, they launched the third model called Raspberry Pi Zero. This device introduced in November 2015 as a bonus of official Raspberry Pi magazine, Magpi that distributed only in United Kingdom and United States.  The magazine sold out in the both countries in just a few days.

IF you think the previous Raspberry Pi models, such as A and B models are small, this credit card’s size computer is even smaller. In fact it’s only half size of the Raspberry B model. I am not sure if it affected by the size or not but the price of this device is more friendly to the school boy wallet. In United Kingdom, it’s sold for only US$5.

Since it’s smaller than the other models, the power needed by this device is also smaller. However it’s capability is much developed.  The first Raspberry Pi Zero has advance specification like 1 Ghz central processing unit (CPU), 512 random access memory (RAM), 1 micro USB port, 1 mini HDMI output, and unbelievable 17 GPIO pins.

With those specification we could develop several easy, affordable, and usefull projects.  Of course different project need different equipment.

  1. FM Radio Transmitter. You should have antenna, powerful battery, microphone, audio player, etc to do this projects. Caution, you need legal permit from the administrator for several territory otherwise your project would be illegal.
  2. Durable Drone. This project need mini autopilot board, Linux OS Image, controller stick, and of course the drone it self.
  3. Game Controller. If you want reviving yor ancient games with milennials controller you just need nowadays game controller. You also need to connect the brain of the controller and the game with RetroPie game console emulator.

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