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Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Projects

Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Projects For All Gadget Freaks

Raspberry Pi is very famous within computer enthusiasts. Its popularity spread to gadget enthusiasts who usually only use the gadget for each purposes. Then, these gadget freaks want to try something new with Raspberry Pi. The selling of all items increase significantly. No wonder if Raspberry Pi doesn’t only release the products for those who like to assemble computer objects such as Raspberry Pi board, USB WiFi Raspberry Pi PoE HAT, and TV HAT. Raspberry Pi also released products that make it easy for ordinary users to create their own projects creation.  It sounds like raspberry pi touchscreen projects will be popular very soon.

Here are the two projects that you will do together with touchscreen display.

Portable Pi For Daily Use

Raspberry Pi touchscreen portable can be made using some equipments and components such as PiTFT 3.5” displays, A+ models, 2500 mAH lithium polymer batteries, and powerboost 500C. Another thing you have to put on your concern is the case for your portable pi touchscreen. You can use the simple CAD that is used in the form of a two-part enclosure tied with screws. It’s easy for you to modify the parts that suitable for the project you are working on.

Digital Music

Do you like playing piano while looking at the sheet of paper in front of you? Maybe this raspberry pi touchscreen project can give you better experience in playing music because it’s easy and the sheets of paper can be replaced with digital music from an online library of music that you often screenshot and print before playing music. All you need to make it happen is:

  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • Raspbian Operating System
  • Raspberry-UI-Mods
  • Any brand of touchscreen monitors in the market
  • USB Keyboard (only for initial settings)
  • HDMI cable
  • Stylus
  • The best internet browser

So,what’s your next raspberry pi touchscreen projects you want to build?

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