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Raspberry Pi Robot Projects

Raspberry Pi Robot Projects To All Computer Lovers

Raspberry pi robot projects – Computer enthusiasts seem to never run out of ideas in utilizing the elegant mini computer Raspberry Pi. The UK based Raspberry Pi foundation may be proud of the progress of its product creation and the widespread use of Raspberry Pi around the world.

One of the creative ideas that are often created and developed by computer enthusiasts is raspberry pi robot projects. Even the ordinary people who are not too proficient in operating computer are now starting to race to create robot with their flagship raspberry pi.

Simple Raspberry Pi Robot

As a beginner, no need to think about making anything complicated robot. Like an eye scanner robot, a multifunctional cleaner robot, or a lawn mower robot. Just make a basic robot that is capable of doing the function first. Then, you can add other special function with unique yet different shape.

Now, you imagine making a simple robot unit. Then, all you need will be:

  • Raspberry Pi complete with the installed Raspbian operating system.
  • Wire
  • USB power bank
  • Motor controller board
  • Breadboard
  • 2 pieces of wheels
  • 2 pieces of 12 voltage DC motor
  • Ball castor
  • 4 pieces of AA battery
  • 1 piece of AA battery holder
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Soldering iron
  • Screwdriver

You can start by soldering the wire to the motor terminal. Bring the other tip wire to the motor controller board. Next, you will have to prepare the power for the motor. Take the AA battery holder, then insert the red cable into the VCC terminal block. In the meantime, insert the black cable to the GND block.

The next step is to get the GPIO pins. Afterwards, you can do the test scrip by opening the python shell. Don’t forget to give a cool name for your simple robot.

So, are you ready for making other raspberry pi robot projects?

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