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Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Projects

Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Projects You Should Try With Your Community

Raspberry Pi has become a part of particular hobbies’ doers. The community of many hobbies grows larger day by day. People begin to realize that they cannot live without raspberry pi in their projects. Especially for those who do the raspberry pi ham radio projects.

Raspberry Pi is widely used because of the GPIO. GPIO is General Purpose Input Output Pins that allows us to connect various sensors or devices and escape boards. The device can collect information controlled by software that you can install on Raspberry Pi. This makes radio ham application real and fun to use.

Transmitter Of WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter)

WSPR is an amateur radio software that has a function as a weak signal radio communication tool with amateur radio operators. The Raspberry Pi has a reference crystal on the board that allows us to be able to press the GPIO pin inside. This can produce radio frequency between 0-250 MHz, so that we can have a capable WSPR transmitter. We also need to use WsprPi software for calibration to ensure that it is sufficiently appropriate for WSPR.

APRS Internet Gateway

Raspberry Pi can be converted into the APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) digipeater. This is for those of you who like to track the position of amateur radio around you and even your own family member and neighbors.

All you need is raspberry pi model 2 complete with Raspbian operating system. Then, don’t forget about SDR Dongle, dire wolf software, and IGATE server based on your area.

Hotspot Digital Voice

This is the most populer of the raspberry pi ham radio projects. Raspberry pi can deliver you from radio frequency to the internet. You will need DV-Mega Add On Board and DVD4Mini USB Dongle even on cheap Pi computers. And you don’t need a local repeater that supports digital voice within range.

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