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Raspberry Pi Car Projects

Raspberry Pi Car Projects You Should Apply On Your Car

Do you wanna do something different with your car? Maybe this is your new ‘old’ car or your first car from your parents and you feel like you have to do something cooler to your spouse on the road? Why don’t you try to apply some raspberry pi car projects now?

Hare are two references for you.

Touch Screen Computer On Your Car

Maybe some of us like old or classic cars that are far from the word ‘smart’. However, you still need a touch screen computer that can play your ‘companion of trip’ music, play games, watch videos when you trap in the traffic jam, browse pictures, and many more. So, you need a car computer that gets the touch of Raspberry pi model B with a fairly low budget.

All you need is raspberry pi model B (it can make the touch screen work properly), the 7” LCD touch screen display, car charger for Pi, power supplies for Pi and touch screen, SD card, USB drive, and all supporting items such as glue and bolts.

Raspberry Pi Parking Monitoring

The problem that always comes up in the parking lot is the lack of information regarding the status of the availability of parking spot. So, we need a parking monitoring system to allow the driver to choose a parking area somewhere. This is the parking monitoring system based on raspberry pi. Then, the infrared will act as a sensor.

The availability status of the parking area will be displayed on the screen complete with calculation of parking rates. There are buttons to select the parking area, raspberry pi V2 camera module, raspberry pi 3, 2 sensors, LED lights as indicators of the availability of parking areas, and cameras for security. The software uses the Python 2 language with the SQLite3 database system.

So, what are other raspberry pi car projects you think about now?

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