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raspberry pi camera projects

The DIY Creative Raspberry Pi Camera Projects

What do you ususally do during your leisure time? Is that taking photos with a pocket camera or cellphone? Or maybe make tutorial video for your website or Youtube content? Don’t you feel all of them is surfeited? You need something different from your ordinary day. Why not try the experiment with the raspberry pi camera projects? This single board computer will make your days more creative and fun. You can also make this project with colleagues, spouse, and children.

Here are some raspberry pi camera projects that you can try doing it yourself at home.

Raspberry Pi Camera On Your Doorbell

Do you feel comfortable when you come to someone’s house and you find a surveillance camera near the main door? However, the owner of the house need this camera for security. One solution is to use customized raspberry pi camera on your doorbell. So, you’ll feel safe and guests who come feel comfortable, too.

Everything you need to make a doorbell with the guest-friendly surveillance camera is Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless, Raspberry Pi Camera Module, rf wireless doorbell, another radio frequency receiver, raspberry pi camera and mobile or home assistant. Make sure you use official Pi camera.

Polaroid Raspberry Pi Camera Projects

Polaroid camera is now becoming a rare item. This makes people start to have polaroid again as a trend. Let’s say Instax Fujifilm is back to the market for its Polaroid camera. You can create your own Polaroid-like camera using your Raspberry Pi camera.

All you need to create this is the Raspberry pi model a+ (it’s highly recommended because it is tiny and power efficient), Pi camera module, cardboards, and thermal printer. This thermal printer uses paper that is not as good as the real polaroid camera. However, if you can combine the printer with your genuine handy creation using cardboard and raspberry pi, then you will have created an invaluable masterpiece. The shape certainly becomes artistic as you wish.

So, when will you make these raspberry pi camera projects happen?

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