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Raspberry Pi Arduino Projects

Ideas Of Raspberry Pi Arduino Projects

Maybe you are still confused what is the difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi? Why do both of them look similar in every project connected with robotic or computer? In briefly, Arduino is a simple computer where we can run on programme at one time repeteadly. It is also known as a microcontroller motherboard. While, raspberry pi is a versatile computer with the ability to run many programs. One of the programming that runs with raspberry pi is Python. Arduino and Pi are widely used in simple robot-making projects. You can also start raspberry pi arduino projects now.

Here are some references for you.

USB Trackpad For Laptop

Your laptop trackpad starts to choke up and sometimes it can’t be used properly? Why not to try making a USB device trackpad for your own laptop using Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

Internet Radio

This internet radio uses raspberry pi and arduino. The raspberry pi runs the MPD (music player daemon) it has. It aims to receive and decode the flow of internet radio. The raspbery pi that we use is Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+. Then, Arduino UNO will run the nanpy interface code to interact with Python. It aims to provide Text output from the radio station that is playing and the button input to control ‘playback’.

Other things that you need in making the internet radio are USB cable, Ethernet cable, LCD, Nano firmware for Arduino, the installed MPD, the installed nanpy for Python, and understanding Linux.

Natural Lights For Health

Have you heard of LUMOS? This smart lamp uses Raspberry Pi and Arduino as its main components. LUMOS is called smart light because it is able to change color according to the daily biological needs of humans. The natural color of sunlight will always be with us everyday. Then, LUMOS will apply bright blue light in the morning. While at night we will feel warmer because of the yellow light emitted by LUMOS.

Do you know if this lamp is formed by components such as raspberry pi 3, arduino nano, adafruit power, adapter, adafruit RGB LED strip, adafruit voltage regulator, soldering wire, soldering iron, and also raspberry pi raspbian and arduino IDE.

Well, have you thought about your own raspberry pi arduino projects?

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