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Ideas Of Raspberry Pi Arduino Projects

Raspberry Pi Arduino Projects

Maybe you are still confused what is the difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi? Why do both of them look similar in every project connected with robotic or computer? In briefly, Arduino is a simple computer where we can run on programme at one time repeteadly. It is also known …

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Raspberry Pi Robot Projects To All Computer Lovers

Raspberry Pi Robot Projects

Raspberry pi robot projects – Computer enthusiasts seem to never run out of ideas in utilizing the elegant mini computer Raspberry Pi. The UK based Raspberry Pi foundation may be proud of the progress of its product creation and the widespread use of Raspberry Pi around the world. One of …

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Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Projects For All Gadget Freaks

Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Projects

Raspberry Pi is very famous within computer enthusiasts. Its popularity spread to gadget enthusiasts who usually only use the gadget for each purposes. Then, these gadget freaks want to try something new with Raspberry Pi. The selling of all items increase significantly. No wonder if Raspberry Pi doesn’t only release …

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Easy-Like-1-2-3 Raspberry Pi Server Projects

Raspberry Pi Server Projects

Raspberry Pi reaches all walks of life. Something good to share about it is all can do cool raspberry pi projects. Including raspberry pi server projects. Here are two raspberry projects that you can do yourself at home. AFP Server AFP is Apple Filing Protocol. It is Apple’s network protocol …

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The DIY Creative Raspberry Pi Camera Projects

raspberry pi camera projects

What do you ususally do during your leisure time? Is that taking photos with a pocket camera or cellphone? Or maybe make tutorial video for your website or Youtube content? Don’t you feel all of them is surfeited? You need something different from your ordinary day. Why not try the …

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Advance Raspberry Pi Projects For Kids

aspberry Pi Projects For Kids

Raspberry Pi Projects For Kids – When Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Foundation, one of his main purpose is to provide affordable computer for young people, including children. Back to the time he worked in a prestigious computer company, he realize that the …

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The Coolest Raspberry Pi Zero Projects

Raspberry Pi Zero Projects

The Coolest Raspberry Pi Zero Projects – Almost  a decade after  Eben Upton and his friends started the Raspberry Pi, they launched the third model called Raspberry Pi Zero. This device introduced in November 2015 as a bonus of official Raspberry Pi magazine, Magpi that distributed only in United Kingdom …

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