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aspberry Pi Projects For Kids

Advance Raspberry Pi Projects For Kids

Raspberry Pi Projects For Kids – When Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Foundation, one of his main purpose is to provide affordable computer for young people, including children. Back to the time he worked in a prestigious computer company, he realize that the expensive price of computer made many school could not fulfilled enough computer for their students. He touched to make simple and cheap computer for everyone especially young people.

He was also found the shortage of computer professional in United Kingdom. Young people more interested to used computer than become programmers. Challenged by this circumtances, Eben Upton and his college created Scratch, a simple and easy to learn programming language. The Scratch soon becames favorite among new programmers. Many school and college, especially in United Kingdom, introducing the art of programming with Scratch.

Since the background of founding Raspberry Pi is to fulfill children interest, many Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids developed in several area. These are the example of the projects tha friendly to the children.

Raspberry Pi Projects For Kids Idea

  1. Built a computer. Raspberry Pi is a mini computer board that has similar elements with common computer, such as board, hard disk, RAM,etc. You can teach your children to assemble or built a computer easier and saver with Raspberry Pi. You can also introduced the simple programming language started with Scratch. Furthermore you can also teach them how to install sofware and try to make simple projects with the software intalled.
  2. Built computer games. Every parents must ever upset with children behavior with games. You could shift their interest by challenge them to make their own games. Started from this one, your children maybe interested in computer programming or computer science.
  3. Built computer network. Internet has become more and more important to our daily life. Knowing how internet and local built and worked are also important for our children.

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